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porcupine mountains
Ross, Jo and Hans at "Lake of the Clouds" scenic overlook
in the Porcupine Mountains of Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Superior Trails began life as my personal travel and recreation pages on, a website I created several years ago. Among the pages I posted was our first circle tour around Lake Superior. As the pages multiplied, it eventually occurred to me this growing collection can function as a guidebook of sorts for others who are interested in traveling down similar recreational and travel pathways. And it gives me an opportunity to recycle the information in the hundreds (perhaps thousands!) of brochures, maps, books, pamphlets, and other reference documents that mysteriously get attached to me during our travels!

SuperiorTrails has now progressed to be the premier website for scenic travel in the three state regions (and one Canadian provence) around Lake Superiors. While we endeavor to keep it updated and current only a fraction of the resource information we collect on our tours make it into these pages. So don't hesitate to send an e-mail on questions . . . or even add a contribution to the information we provide outdoor recreation enthusiasts and scenic travelers.

--Ross Reinhold -

Have fun exploring.

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