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Like many mid to high handicap golfers, I have been on a multi-year search for the "Holy Grail" of golf swing since I took up golfing after I retired. I saw it as a sport that would get me outside, provide some healthful exercise, be entertaining and have some social benefits. But once into the game, I got the golfing bug pretty bad and wanted to become better. I have taken some lessons from golf pros, received golfing advice from friends, bought some golfing books, subscribed to golfing magazines, bought some golfing videos and subscribed to a number of YouTube channels of golfing tips and instruction.

At my backyard driving range

I think I am well-steeped in the fundamentals of the game, but applying them has been another matter. A significant deterrent on my path to improvement in golfing is my old, misshapen body. Loss of muscle mass, loss of flexibility, scoliosis, arthritis and other joys of aging make it quite difficult to replicate all the great tips I find in golfing magazines, books, golfing on TV and on the Internet. So for the last few years of my quest, I've been trying out various systems of golfing that advertise themselves as " body friendly" and "easy swing for senior golfers, etc."

I'll take you through some of the body-friendly/senior golfer methods I've tried. Some of these may work better for you than they did for me. Our senior bodies (in basic design and with any number of disabilities) are so different from one another that none of these methods is the Holy Grail for all or even most seniors.

My most recent favorite golfing model is Brian Sparks and his Positive Impact Golf so I'll lead off with that one.

Here's a list of the "systems" I've tried with links to individual articles and swing videos.

Senior Golf Swing Reviews and Videos

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Positive Impact Golf - Brian Sparks (my review of Brian's golfing book)

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--Ross Reinhold

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