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Campground Openings & Travel around Lake Superior.

Draconian measures to prevent the spread of the recent pandemic substantially affected camping, travel and recreation around Lake Superior and to Lake Superior Communities.

Things are beginning to return to normal in the communities around Lake Superior, with campgrounds opening up and attractions such as restaurants, shops, sporting goods stores, golf courses, etc. are creating plans to safely provide services to the tourism public.

Here's the latest info we have on campgrounds, recreation and other hospitality venues around Lake Superior. (August 4, 2020)

  • Bayfield, Ashland & Washburn Areas - Restaurants are opening up offering outside seating, take-out, and in some cases inside seating with recommended social distance spacing.

    The Ashland & Washburn municipal Campgrounds is open. Big Bay Town Park CG and Big Bay State Park on Madeline Island & Copper Falls State Park opened June 1st. As far as we know all other campgrounds (public and private) are open.

    Restaurants are expanding outside seating for improved safety. For info on Bayfield business openings and closures go here.

    Bayfield Wisconsin Visitor Center.
    Ashland visitor center
    Washburn Visitor Center

  • Wisconsin Camping - As of May 24, public and private campgrounds may legally be open for overnight camping. There may be limited services initially so check with the individual campground on degree washrooms, etc. are open and available for use.

    The DNR website indicates that almost all state parks are open. However, many gatehouses are not staffed and self-reservation procedures can be iffy. Best bet is to make a reservation online. See this dnr web page for any updates.

  • Minnesota North Shore - Minnesota State parks, recreation areas, campgrounds, and other public lands remain open to the public for people to enjoy; however, many supportive facilities are not open. "Some developed campgrounds in state forests, state parks, and state recreation areas began a phased reopening on June 1, 2020. Nearly all state forest campgrounds, and 38 campgrounds within state parks and recreation areas, are now open with limited services."  Some facilities, like showers, may not be open. People are advised to bring their own sanitizing materials, and other protective measures. As of June 15th the DNR hopes to have all facilities fully open.

    For State Parks, check the individual park web page to verify they are open and what limited services may exist.

    As of June 1, restaurants along the North Shore began opening up offering outside seating, take-out, and in some cases inside seating with recommended social distance spacing.

    Get more information on camping and recreation services here.

    Duluth Visitor Center
    Grand Marais Visitor Center

  • Superior Hiking Trail - The Trail itself is open! But the office in 2 harbors is closed for the present. Access for service is available on the Internet and via e-mail.

    See Trail Conditions Report here (July 30th)

  • Michigan Upper Peninsula Parks - Michigan is providing access to most state parks and recreation while taking measures to protect the public and staff from the spread of the disease. Camping will open at rustic state forest camping units on June 10th. State Parks with modern camping facilities opened June 22nd. As far as we can determine all State Parks & State Forest Camping in the Upper Peninsula are open.

    Michigan covid info page

    As of June 2nd the Houghton RV Park is open as is the Grand Marias Woodland Park Campground.
    As of June 29th National Forest Campgrounds in Michigan were open.

  • Ontario Parks Camping - Backcountry camping and access to canoe and hiking trails opened June 1, 2020. Ontario Parks with modern facilities around Lake Superior are closed until June 14th. But Border Crossing restrictions remain in place. Read more here.

Open Status - Camping & Travel in other States

Here's a useful website for updates on the pandemic impacts on camping and recreational services at other State Parks.

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The Lake Superior Circle Tour Scenic Drives

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Lake Superior Travel Planner

A second part of web site is our Lake Superior Travel & Trip Planner. It is essentially a condensced version of the regular site that includes maps, mileage data, and some of our recommended stops and highlights around the lake.

Traveling the Lake Superior Circle Route by Motorcycle. While these pages and our Travel Planner are suitable for all means of motor travel, those planning a motorcycle tour can use our Travel Planner & our Website to identify desireable stops and stays and then enter them in the the "Plan My Ride" map service at Ride Lake Superior website to generate your customized map.

Lake Superior Circle Route - Camping Directory

Directory to our pages on camping, hiking trails and public campgrounds found while touring around Lake Superior, organized by state and province.

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