Apostle Island Sea Caves

Sand Island Lighthouse Apostles
Sand Island Lighthouse in the Apostle Islands National Park
US Brig Niagara
Near Devil’s Island we discovered the US Brig Niagara who had set anchor for the night. They were on their way to the Duluth Tall Ships Festival.

Visiting the Apostle Islands Sea Caves

In 2016 we chartered a boat ride with Captain Mike out of Cornucopia for an Apostle Islands Sea Caves and Sunset Tour. We had previously taken a similar trip around the islands with Apostle Islands Cruise Service on one of their 65 foot long cruise ships. Captain Mike’s ship is half that length and his cruise is customized to his passengers (there were only four of us) needs. So we got closer to the caves and saw more detail and variety of sights than we had previously with the Bayfield Cruise Service.

We first cruised by the Mainland Sea Caves that are formed in the cliffs east of Cornucopia. Although these are on the mainland, they are part of the Apostle Islands National Park. Below are a few pictures from this part of the trip. You can see more pictures on our regular Sea Caves Web Page.

Below the Mainland Sea Caves pictures are a Devil’s Island Sea Caves video we made from the pictures we took on that part of the cruise. It also contains some shots of the Lake Superior Sunset and the Sand Island Lighthouse.

Mainland Bayfield Sea Caves

See Caves near Bayfield Wisconsin
Apostle Islands Park Sea Caves

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Devil’s Island Sea Caves Video

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