Curry Park Campground Ironwood

curry park campground Ironwood, MI

Review Ironwood, Michigan Municipal Campground Curry Park is on the Western edge of Ironwood, located on US Highway 2. It is a city owned campground and is located next to Gogebic County Fairgrounds. Until recently we didn’t realize the campground was as extensive as it is. We had the impression it was primarily a tenting … Read more

Woodland Park Campground – Grand Marais

Woodland Park Campground

Campground Review – Grand Marais, Michigan Municipal Campground Woodland Park is situated on a bluff overlooking Lake Superior. It is one of our favorite RV campgrounds because it is located on one of the most popular rock hound and agate hunting beaches around the Big Lake. The campground is only three blocks from the main … Read more

Silver Bay Campground-Black Beach

Black Beach Campground Silver Bay, MN

Black Beach Campground at Silver Bay, Minnesota The city of Silver Bay has recently opened a RV and Tent Campground adjacent to Black Beach Park. There’s a total of 49 campsites suitable for RVs. Some RV sites are 20/30 amp electric-only sites; while others are 20/30/50 amp electric sites with water and sewer hookups. Park … Read more

Fall Color – Black River Scenic Byway

black river scenic byway

We were in the Ironwood area at the end of September, about a week early for the best fall color along the National Forest Scenic Byway from Ironwood to Black River Harbor. The best fall color was actually in Ironwood at the Curry Park campground. Even though it wasn’t full color along the Scenic Byway, … Read more

Tahquamenon Falls Video

Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan

Here’s a video (see below, scroll down) we put together from Jo’s family visit to Tahquamenon Falls near Paradise, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula.

The falls is located in Tahquamenon Falls State Park along the Tahquamenon River, which empties into Lake Superior. The park offers modern campgrounds, several hiking trails, boating, canoeing, swimming, fishing, and other outdoor recreation activities. Learn more about the park at our Tahquamenon Falls Web Page.

More Michigan UP Waterfalls along Lake Superior – See our video of Rainbow Falls on the Black River

Apostle Island Sea Caves

Sand Island Lighthouse Apostles
US Brig Niagara
Near Devil’s Island we discovered the US Brig Niagara who had set anchor for the night. They were on their way to the Duluth Tall Ships Festival.

Visiting the Apostle Islands Sea Caves

In 2016 we chartered a boat ride with Captain Mike out of Cornucopia for an Apostle Islands Sea Caves and Sunset Tour. We had previously taken a similar trip around the islands with Apostle Islands Cruise Service on one of their 65 foot long cruise ships. Captain Mike’s ship is half that length and his cruise is customized to his passengers (there were only four of us) needs. So we got closer to the caves and saw more detail and variety of sights than we had previously with the Bayfield Cruise Service.

We first cruised by the Mainland Sea Caves that are formed in the cliffs east of Cornucopia. Although these are on the mainland, they are part of the Apostle Islands National Park. Below are a few pictures from this part of the trip. You can see more pictures on our regular Sea Caves Web Page.

Below the Mainland Sea Caves pictures are a Devil’s Island Sea Caves video we made from the pictures we took on that part of the cruise. It also contains some shots of the Lake Superior Sunset and the Sand Island Lighthouse.

Mainland Bayfield Sea Caves

See Caves near Bayfield Wisconsin
Apostle Islands Park Sea Caves

See more Bayfield & Apostle Islands Sea Caves Photos here.

Devil’s Island Sea Caves Video

See our Apostle Islands Web Page for more things to see and do in the Apostle Islands National Park.


Pictured Rocks Boat Cruise

The Pictured Rocks of Pictured Rocks National Park

The Miner's Castle is one formation you can partially see from land. See some more Castle scenes here
The Miner’s Castle is one formation you can partially see from land. See some more Miner’s Castle scenes here

In September of 2016 Jo and Donna took the Pictured Rocks Cruise on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We had taken the Sunset Pictured Rocks Cruise a few years ago but that was an early evening cruise on a more overcast day, so the girls were looking forward to doing another cruise – in the daytime and when the sun was shining.

The cruise ship was packed as many other people also felt this was a great day for a cruise out on the lake. The Pictured Rocks National Park is thought by many to be Michigan’s #1 Adventure destination. The park has an excellent network of hiking trails, expansive sand beaches, three campgrounds, waterfalls, many scenic overlooks, and the colorful painted sandstone cliffs that give the park its name.

While you can see some of the painted rocks from park hiking trails, as a practical matter the only way to really appreciate them is from the water. That’s where the Pictured Rocks Cruise Service narrated tours fit in. Their Regular cruise is 32 mile round trip excursion covering the colorful cliffs, interesting rock formations, sea caves, and waterfalls. Their Spray Falls cruise adds an additional waterfall to the itinerary and uses the services speedy catamaran ship. The Sunset cruise covers the same route as the regular cruise but late in the day.

Here’s a small sample of some of the interesting formations and Mother Nature’s artwork you’ll see taking one of these cruises. (click on images for a larger view)

 pictured-rocks2626 pictured-rocks1050260
 pictured-rocks1050269 pictured-rocks1050278
 pictured-rocks1050281 pictured-rocks1050286
 pictured-rocks1050292 pictured-rocks1050296
 pictured-rocks1050317 pictured-rocks1050389

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