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Hitting slices, getting stuck on your back foot, unable to hit a draw are among the typical average golfer's complaints. Jim Venetos has developed a simple golf swing that will cure these ills and help you be a better golfer.

Like Brian Sparks' Golf Swing and Don Trahan's Peak Performance swing, the Venetos swing and golf instruction is non-traditional and has fewer moving parts than traditional PGA golf coaching orthodoxy.

The Venetos golf setup is: weight on the front foot, a strong grip, and a closed upper body stance. Venetos believes the closed position, rotated to the left, naturally promotes an inside-out swing path. The weight on the front foot encourages solid contact and hitting down on the ball. The strong grip promotes a draw.

His method eliminates having to shift your weight from your back foot to your front and eliminates all that movement and coordination that occurs from setup to backswing to forward swing. In the traditional swing, there are lots of body parts having to coordinate. If your rhytmn, tempo, and timing is off so is the striking of the ball.

If you struggle with an over-the-top swing, hitting slices, and inconsistent ball contact the Venetos Swing is something to consider.

The following video illustrates his basic setup and swing and the reasoning behind why he advocates these methods.

Lower Down the page is a Slow Motion Video of the Venetos Golf Swing

If you want to learn more about this golfing technique, subscribe to Jim's Venetos Golf Academy YouTube Channel (see link at the end of this article). If the method seems to click for you, you'll see Jim has an online instructional program where he can coach you on your development.

I watched several of his videos and took his ideas to the golf range. I found it helpful in terms of preventing a slice and getting good ball contact. But I had a problem getting distance on my shots. I gave Venetos a try during a time when I was searching for better solutions after I had to abandon my former golf swing (Don Trahan Peak Performance Golf Swing) because my new artificial knees were being stressed by that swing methodology (My knees do not accommodate side-to-side bend). The problem I had with getting adequate distance with Venetos could have been something with my body mechanics, lack of flexibility or I just didn't spend enough time with Venetos to get his technique right.

But lots of golfers have found Venetos helpful (he has several testimonials on his YouTube channel) and it is a simpler swing with less need to twist your body in ways that it may not like. So compared to the traditional swing, it is body-friendly. The Venetos setup means fewer moving parts in your swing and less need to concentrate on so many details that need to be done right following traditional methods.

venetos swing

Hands & Elbow at the top of his backswing

In looking at some videos of the Venetos swing, I noticed a similariy to the position of his hands and right elbow at the top of his backswing. Very similar to that of Brian Sparks (see pictures here) and quite dissimilar to pros like Steve Stricker and Fred Couples (also shown on the Sparks page). And as he starts his downswing, the right elbow tucks into his right side very quickly. So this would be another distinction from traditional golf instruction of the Venetos Swing.

Slow Motion Video of Jim Venetos Golf Swing

Traditional golf instruction would identify the turning and acceleration of the hips and shoulders as important components to an effective golf swing. In this video watch how quiet is Jim's lower body throughout the backswing and in the beginning of the downswing. The hips play no role in his swing and his shoulders only move as a result of what he is doing with his arms.

Comments? Comment below our Venetos YouTube Video here: https://youtu.be/RxGEJBlx_sw

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--Ross Reinhold

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