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Lake Superior Winter Weather Forecast
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2022-23 Winter Weather Recreation & Sports Forecast Around Lake Superior

NOAA's Climate Prediction Center — a division of the National Weather Service has released their 2023 Winter Outlook — which extends from December 2022 through February 2023. They forecast slightly below normal temperatures, and slightly above normal precipitation (snow).

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Winter Temperature Forecast December through February 2023

winter temperature forecast

As the graphic to the right indicates, the NOAA forecast for Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota Lake Superior region is for temperatures to have an "Equal Chance" or Slightly Higher than Normal" Temperatures.

winter temperature forecast

The folks at Direct Weather expect "More Below Normal" temperatures across the entire Lake Superior Region. This forecast enhances the possibility for Lake Superior freezing over to allow over-the-ice travel to see the fantastic Bayfield Lake Superior Ice Caves.

winter precipitation forecast

Winter Precipitation/Snowfall Forecast December through February 2023

As the adjacent graphic indicates, expected Winter Precipiation by NOAA forecast will be above average, which suggests more snowfall. Since the eastern UP and the Keweenaw normally get in excess of 100 inches a year that's good news for skiers, snowshoe enthusiasts, and snowmobiling fans.

Direct Weather agrees with NOAA on the Winter Precipiation forecast for slightly above average moisture.

Their SnowFall Forecast has predicted Above Average snowfall for the entire Lake Superior Region, including Ontario. So again good news for skiers, snowshoe enthusiasts, and snowmobiling fans.


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