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I elected to develop a golfing portion of the SuperiorTrails.com Lake Superior Circle Tour when I decided to "get serious" about golfing. Indirectly I blame my brother-in-law Dan Laufenberg (pictured below) for infecting me with this hobby. His wife, Donna, is pictured in some of the SuperiorTrails.com adventures, most often in the canoeing pages. But Dan doesn't canoe, doesn't camp, and only occasionally hikes so when we are traveling the Circle Tour together, he's often off golfing by himself while the rest of us are doing other things. So once or twice I decided to join him, to be a good sport so to speak, and I ended up deciding to take up the game. Result: a new section of recreational profiles around Gitchee Gummee.

apostle highlands golf course
Golfing around Lake Superior

As I am still in the duffer stage (handicap hovering around 25) my perspective on courses will differ from a more proficient golfer. Where possible, I have engaged brother-in-law Dan to play and share his views on the various Lake Superior golf courses profiled here. Dan golfs in the low 80s and has played at many top courses around the country so his perspective provides a nice counter balance to my own.

Our goal is to give you a more in-depth guide to golf courses than is usually available on the Internet. We do this by playing the courses ourselves . . . paying attention to details of interest to golfers of a range of abilities and interests. Each golf course page will include pictures, maps and course data. As we get feedback from other players experiencing these same courses, we'll modify our profiles. If you'd like to pass along a comment, recommendation or a question, feel free to write me at roscoe@superiortrails.com

--Ross Reinhold

Lake Superior Golf Course Reviews
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Golfing Guide to Lake Superior Golf Courses